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Sharp Increase in University Enrollment for Chinese Students. CMS Global, Shenzhen University and University Open Online Courses Announce Conference to Develop Relationships with Chinese Universities. 

Shenzhen, China. (April 21st, 2017) – Chinese enrollment has grown fivefold from over 62K students a decade ago, to over 320K students in 2015/2016 according to the Institute of International Education – indicating a marked increase in the importance of international students for US Universities. With these important shifts within the higher education space, CMS Global recognizes the need for US Universities to develop relationships with Chinese universities.

To help get ahead of these needs, CMS Global, Shenzhen University and University Open Online Courses (UOOC) are proud to announce the US-Sino Online Higher Education Conference in Shenzhen, China on April 21st 2017. With a dedicated focus on advancing the growth of online education for China and the US; the purpose of this conference is to establish the US-Sino Online Higher Education Union between participating US and Chinese universities.

The union will allow US and Chinese Universities to cross promote products, share best practices and agree to explore the process of credit recognition among the member universities. The event will also mark the announcement of master and certificate programs for US Universities within China.

CMS Global, Shenzhen University and UOOC invite US Universities to attend, offering them the rare opportunity to develop relationships with over 140 Chinese Universities, while promoting strategic transnational education partnerships. The conference will be held in Shenzhen China on April 21st, 2017. To learn more about participation in the conference, contact Jane Pierce at or visit

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