Educating and Connecting our World

CMS Global believes that education is the anchor of civilization and should be accessible to all. Unfortunately this is not yet a reality for all learners across the globe, however our goal is to change this. Emboldened by our mission to Educate and Connect Our World, we set out to drive innovation and break down learning and teaching barriers. Our aim is to democratize educational opportunities on a global scale.

In order to further these educational opportunities, CMS Global has created tools and resources to help institutions and students succeed in a rapidly changing global environment. Massive global shifts are occurring within education and CMS Global was established to face these trends head on.

We provide global expertise and established relationships in key markets, along with in country partnerships and in country student support services. We operationalize and consult with academic institutions all over the world to create scaleable, cost effective solutions to globalize and monetize their brand. And unlike other competitors, CMS Global deeply cares about student success – our aim is to help students retain and succeed long term.