Here are three ways CMS Global can help you globalize your brand, grow enrollment and increase revenue streams.
International Online Implementation Model 

The International Online Implementation Model (IOIM) provides access to high quality education from US Universities paired with recruitment and in-country tutoring and resources, all while driving costs down for both students and institutions. From lead inquiry to graduation, CMS Global will help you operationalize this entire international student lifecycle. Work with us to attract, enroll and retain students within the online modality. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way.

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East West Mobility Program 

The East West Mobility program helps US institutions and in country institutions operationalize scalable pathways for learners in China and Vietnam to achieve a high quality US education. The program provides two formats for students to achieve a US Bachelor or Master degree, paired with in country support and tutoring to ensure complete success.

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Globalization Strategic Advisory 

Elevate your brand, grow your enrollment and expand access to high quality international education through our Globalization service. We consult with your institution to develop a comprehensive international strategy, foster relationships to negotiate agreements and operationalize early stage of partnership.

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