Answers to frequently asked questions are below but feel free to contact us with anything additional. Our team of experts is here to help, just email us at inquiry@cmsglobal.us
Why CMS Global?
With extensive experience and proven methodology for building international frameworks from the inside out, CMS Global plus our university partners will be able to help you succeed at a global scale.
Who is CMS Global?
CMS Global was created with the sole purpose of transferring knowledge and building capacity for institutions so they could launch/expand online learning internationally in a scaleable manner. This is aligned with our mission to ‘educate and connect our world’.  The CMS Global leadership team has decades of experience pioneering online learning.
How is CMS Global different from other services providers?
At CMS Global we believe that education is the anchor of civilization and should be accessible to all. Emboldened by our mission ‘to educate and connect our world’, CMS Global sets out to drive innovation and break down learning and teaching barriers. democratizing educational opportunities globally. 
My country’s perception toward online learning is still negative, how can CMS Global help change this perception?
We understand your situation as we’ve faced this same perception in different countries. Fortunately, due to our decades of experience operating online learning, we have learned how to overcome this perception. It is not easy but the process can be shortened significantly if we understand the student’s motivation. Most students don’t go to school for a diploma itself but rather for what a diploma can do for them. We will work closely with you and your team to speed up the public acceptance through a closed loop relationship between learners, educators and employers.
What is the relationship between online modality and globalization of higher education?
Online modality leverages technology thus allowing your institution’s students and faculty to reach each other from every continent of our world. The knowledge, background and personal experiences will further globalize your education in the process.
How can we achieve growth on an international scale through online offerings?
Due to the fact that the online modality allows you to reach student populations beyond your specific geography, through offering online delivery – you can now reach students that were previously unable to attend your school physically.