Globalization Strategic Advisory

Our Globalization Strategic Advisory service will elevate your brand on a global scale, grow your enrollment in a scalable manner and expand access to high quality international education. We partner with your institution in the following core areas.

Globalization Strategy and Planning Services:

CMS Global will work with appropriate personnel and key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive international strategy that includes a roadmap for diversification and growth of your University’s enrollment and presence.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research and Sizing

Corporate Development:

Conduct corporate development activities to identify, facilitate and execute relationships with overseas Universities.

  • Conduct research to identify suitable universities
  • Initiate and conduct meet and greet as well as fact-findings virtual meetings.
  • Coordinate and participate in-country meetings.

Operationalize Partnerships:

Provide in-country operations and project management expertise when operationalizing overseas partnerships.

  • Immediately post agreement, provide all necessary materials and best practices to coordinate communications, needed activities to execute against and timelines and terms for the partnership.

What can you expect from this advisory partnership?  

  • Growth in student population and revenue to your institution
  • Diversified recruiting channels
  • Establishment of joint-programs, both campus and online