US-Sino China Online Higher Education Consortium Founded at Historic Conference in Shenzhen. CMS Global, Shenzhen University and University Open Online Courses host conference and promote online learning and cooperation between US and China. 

Shenzhen, China (April 21, 2017) – Last week CMS Global, Shenzhen University and University Open Online Courses (UOOC) joined together at the US-Sino Online Higher Education Conference to advance innovation within higher education between China and the US. The event was headlined by UC Berkeley Extension, Colorado State University Global, Arizona State University and several additional US Universities. All esteemed organizations met in Shenzhen, a city that is fittingly revered as a leader in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

The US-Sino Online Higher Education Conference was a historic full day event focused on advancing the growth of online education for China and the US. Conference attendees included approximately 150 representatives from over 80 Chinese Universities and 9 US Universities including some of the foremost and very top leaders within online learning. Attendees and Universities participated to hear from distinguished keynote speakers such as Dr. Scott Shireman, the COO of UC Berkeley; expert panelists such as Dr. Riva Drummond, Head of Global Partnership at Arizona State University and to participate in thoughtful workshops focused on online learning in areas such as curriculum design, faculty management and student services.

The day culminated in the official founding of the US-Sino Online Higher Education consortium, a union that will allow US and Chinese Universities to cross promote products, share best practices and agree to explore the process of credit recognition among the member universities. As the founding member of the consortium, CMS Global views this as a critical step towards fulfilling their goal of providing global access to quality education for everyone.

At the conference CMS Global also finalized the first cooperation agreement for online 1+1 graduate programs between Shenzhen University and Colorado State University Global, Wilmington University, and Herzing University. This innovative agreement represents the first ever cooperation via the online modality, a prominent first step towards expansion of scalable access to US higher education for Chinese learners.

All parties left the conference highly enthused about the future of education between the US and China. President Li from Shenzhen University stated “Shenzhen University is highly encouraged by this event and we hope to forge long lasting relationships with participating US universities.”

Next steps coming out of the conference will be the launch of the 1+1 programs in the fall and the development of the infrastructure and leadership roles for the consortium. The next USOTHE conference will be hosted in the US in late 2017. The hosting University, location and date to be determined shortly. To learn more about CMS Global or the recent conference, contact Jane Pierce at or visit

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